How to care for Sedgwick bridle leather

A little TLC goes a long way in helping your tack perform at its best. Five Star Tack uses English bridle leather from J&E Sedgwick for all products.

As part of the tanning process, Sedgwick leather is “fed” fats and greases to soften the leather. This eliminates the need to further dip the leather in oil before using. In fact, dipping or soaking your Sedgwick leather bridle or breastplate in oil will oversaturate the leather causing the oil to sit on the surface of the leather, making it an oily mess that cannot be repaired. It will also cause the seal on the leather edges to dissolve. This is especially the case on raised parts like browbands and nosebands where the leather has to be split in order to insert the raised piece.

So how should you prep Sedgwick leather before using?  Keep it simple. With a paint brush, you can apply a light coat of oil to the flesh side of the leather. Allow the leather to fully absorb the oil, preferably overnight, before deciding to apply more oil.

For daily care, the leather should be wiped down after each ride to remove dirt and sweat. A damp rag is best for this. Next, we recommend using any glycerine based product to help preserve the softness of the leather. If the leather becomes dry due to a dry environment, applying a light coat of oil will restore it. If you store your tack in a humid environment avoid using heavier oils and conditioners.

Please email if you have any questions about the care of our products.

Note: We cannot accept for return any bridle that has been oiled or damaged from being over oiled.